NCTQ Standard 14 - Student Teaching

The program ensures that teacher candidates have a strong student teaching experience.

Standard applies to: Elementary, Secondary, and Special Education programs

Indicators that the program meets the standard:

14.1 The student teacher is observed and provided written feedback at least five times at regular intervals during the semester.

14.2 The program communicates clearly to the school district that cooperating teachers must:

  • Be proven capable mentors OR receive mentorship training;
  • Be proven effective instructors (as measured by student performances).

14.3 The program plays an active role in selecting cooperating teachers, as indicated by the fact that its selection from teachers nominated by school district personnel is informed by substantive information that bears on their capacity to excel as cooperating teachers.


A program will receive a “strong design” designation if it meets the student teaching standard based on 14.1-14.3 above and also

  • Screens cooperating teachers using documentation or demonstrations of effective instruction, AND
  • Communicates clear consequences for failing student teaching, including making alternative degrees available should program exit be necessary.