NCTQ Standard 12 - Assessment and Data

The program trains teacher candidates how to assess learning and use student performance data to inform instruction.

Standard applies to: Elementary and Secondary Programs

Indicators that the program meets the standard:

12.1 The instructional role of standardized tests, particularly the program state's standardized tests, is addressed.

12.2 Teacher candidates are required to prepare formative and summative classroom assessments.

12.3 Individually and in teams, teacher candidates are taught how to interpret and apply data from both standardized and classroom assessments in order to inform instruction.


A program will receive a "strong design" designation if instruction satisfying indicators 12.1, 12.2, 12.3 is provided through a combination of 

  • a core data literacy course also addressing the use and misuse of assessment data,
  • the issue of bias,
  • the meaning of validity and reliability in the context of testing,
  • one or more courses addressing subject-specific pedagogical data literacy (EDU 345, 346, 407, 413, 441)
  • including field work assessment assignments (EDU 407, 413, 441) closely aligned with that instruction.