MPA 2013 Schedule

Friday, February 8th

 12:00 Registration begins in Thomas Business

12:00 Executive Council Meeting

Panel A, Thomas Business 101
Creative Panel, Selected Fiction
Moderator Amanda Ringer

  • Amanda Ringer, William Carey University
  • Peter R. Malik, Alcorn State University
  • Mari Kenney, William Carey University

Panel B, Thomas Business 102
Fictionalizing Lives:  Literary Autobiography
Moderator Allison Chestnut

  • “That’s my Story and I’m Sticking to It: Autobiography, Memoir, and Talking to God,” Allison Chestnut, William Carey University
  • “A Notable Omission: Fanny Fern’s Second Marriage,” Kate Stewart, University of Arkansas at Monticello
  • “‘Justifications of the middle-aged children’s behavior’: Gothic Heroines as Gothic Monsters in Peter Taylor’s A Summons to Memphis,” Michelle Nichols-Wright, Southern Polytechnic State University


Panel C, Thomas Business 107
English Drama:  Shakespeare, Edgar, and Beaumont
Moderator J.B. Potts

  •  “David Edgar’s Theoretical Frame-workings in Pentecost and The Prisoner’s Dilemma,” J.B. Potts, Mississippi College
  • “The Invaluable Role of the Citizen Audience in Francis Beaumont's The Knight of the Burning Pestle,” Will Dawkins, Northwest Mississippi Community College
  • "Eroticism and the Experience of Art in Shakespeare's As You Like It," Greg Bentley, Mississippi State University


Panel A, Thomas Business 101
Classroom Practices
Moderator Preselfannie W. McDaniels

  • “The Incomplete Writer’s Excellent Adventure,” Troy White
  • “Finding Middle Ground: Advocating a Balance Between Process and Post-Process Writing,” Rachel Mordecki, Mississippi State University
  • “Undergraduates Research the Integration of Service Learning and the English Classroom,” Preselfannie W. McDaniels (with undergraduate co-presenters Nubia Johnson, Tesia Nagorka, Deanna Word, Danny Jackson, and Mekael Carpenter), Jackson State University

Panel B, Thomas Business 102
Reading and Responding to Literature
Moderator Rebecca M. Jordan

  • “Celebrating Diverse Literary Responses through Multiple Intelligences,” Rebecca M. Jordan, William Carey University
  • “Chuck Wendig: The Face of Post-Modern Hybrid Self Publishing, Or How to Develop a Platform and Brand that Guarantees Book Sales so that You Can Tell Traditional Book Houses to Go to Hell,” Gregory J. Jones, University of West Alabama
  • “Enhancing Reading for Pleasure,” Anita Bryan, Northeast Mississippi Community College

Panel C, Thomas Business 107
Creative Panel, Selected Poetry
Moderator James Fowler

  • Rob Bunce, Northwest Mississippi Community College
  • James Fowler, University of Central Arkansas
  • Amanda Ringer, William Carey University

Panel A, Thomas Business 101
Creative Panel, Selected Poetry
Moderator Rob Bunce

  • Joe Taylor, University of West Alabama
  • Rob Bunce, Northwest Mississippi Community College

Panel B, Thomas Business 102
Undergraduate Panel on Conflict
Moderator Jeff Pusch

  • “Hypocrisy in The Merchant of Venice,” Sharlene Cassius, Grambling State University
  • “6th Century Political Economy: Mark Twain, A Connecticut Yankee, and Free Trade,” Christopher Dixon, William Carey University
  • “Contradictions,” Denise Smith, University of Southern Mississippi
  • “American Literature: In the Interest of Conflict,” Justin Noble, University of Southern Mississippi

Panel C, Thomas Business 107
Religion and Literature
Moderator Daniel C. Browning, Jr.

  • “Atomic Vision:  Blake’s Argument with Lucretius,” Marsha Newman, William Carey University
  • “William Carey’s Romantic Notion,” Jennie Noonkester, William Carey University
  • “Covering the Feet: Toilet Imagery in English Bible Translation,” Daniel C. Browning, Jr., William Carey University
  • “Synopsis of Both Sides: David as a Literary Figure,” Amanda Ringer, William Carey University

Panel A, Thomas Business 101
Moderator Greg Bentley

  • “The Cycle of Access and Interpretation: Performance’s Agency in The Winter’s Tale,” Joshua Parsons, Mississippi State University
  • “‘Having found the back door open’: Sodomy, Disorder, and National Identity in Shakespeare’s Cymbeline,” Willliam Taylor Garner, Mississippi State University
  • “‘The text is old, the orator too green’: Ecophobia and the Kiss of Death in ‘Venus and Adonis,’” Kirk Cochran, Mississippi State University
  • ““In the manner and form following’: Love, Love Objects, and the Exchange of Lovers’ Roles in Love’s Labour’s Lost,” Corey Lockhart, Mississippi State University

Panel B, Thomas Business 102
Psychological Approaches to Literary Study
Moderator Linda E. McDaniel

  • “Channeling Kipling’s Just So Stories in Durban’s ‘All Set About with Fever Trees,’” Linda E. McDaniel, William Carey University
  • “Pilgrimage to the Real: Lacanian Retrograde in Toni Morrison’s Beloved,” Pam Shearer, William Carey University
  • “Real Resuscitation:  A Lacanian Reading of Eudora Welty’s ‘Moon Lake,’” Tim Morris, William Carey University

Panel C, Thomas Business 107
Margaret Walker’s Career and Legacy
Moderator Patsy J. Daniels

  • “Margaret Walker’s Place in American Literature,” Patsy J. Daniels, Jackson State University
  • “Walker’s Vyry and the Notion of Influence,” Rashell Smith-Spears, Jackson State University
  • “Walker’s Legacy,” Robert E. Luckett, Jackson State University


6:45 Banquet and Plenary Speech, Glass Room, Thomas Business
Peggy Whitman Prenshaw, “‘Texting’ a Life:  Southern Women and Autobiography.  Welcome by Dr. Myron Noonkester, Introduction by Dr. Thomas Business J. Richardson

Saturday, February 9th

Panel A, Thomas Business 101
Conflict:  Challenging Ethnicity
Moderator Pam Shearer

  • “Take the Key and Lock Her Up:  Symbols of Control in Gabriel Garcia Márquez’s ‘Big Mama’s Funeral,’” Pam Shearer, William Carey University
  • “Nella Larsen, Gloria Naylor, and the Evolution of Black Female Friendship,” Naykishia Head, Tennessee State University
  • “The Relevance of W. E. B. Dubois’ Souls of Black Folk in the 21st Century,” Cassandra L. Hawkins-Wilson, Jackson State University

Panel B, Thomas Business 102
Sustainable Culture Studies:  Pedagogy, Poetry, and Criticism
Moderator Martina Sciolino

  • “Situating Ecocriticism in a Postcolonial World: A Proposal for a World Literature Course,” Fae Drumock, University of Southern Mississippi (pedagogy)
  • “Ecopoiesis Now,” Andrea Spofford, University of Southern Mississippi (poetry)
  • The Ecological Subject in Linda Hogan’s The Book of Medicines,” Sarah Taylor, University of Southern Mississippi (criticism)

Panel C, Thomas Business 107
Finding Hubert Creekmore
Moderator Ben Fisher

  • “Collecting Hubert Creekmore,” John Soward Bayne
  • “Searching for Home in Hubert Creekmore’s The Fingers of Night,” Elizabeth Crews, Shorter University
  • “Not Your Typical Southern Town: The Modern Sensibility of Ashton, Mississippi in Hubert Creekmore’s The Welcome,” Pip Gordon, University of Mississippi

Panel A, Thomas Business 101
Pushing the Limits:  Southern Literature and Noel Polk’s Influence
*All presenters in this panel dedicated to Noel Polk are former students of his and were introduced to MPA through his guidance.
Moderator Lorie Watkins

  • “‘For the end of man is to know’:  Gavin Stevens’s Burden, Lorie Watkins, William Carey University
  •  “‘No one has anything’:  Alienation and Material Culture in Randall Jarrell’s Late Poetry,” Seth Dawson, Mississippi State University
  • “The Economic Ghosts of Absalom, Absalom!”  Caroline Miles, University of Texas-Pan American

Panel B, Thomas Business 102
The Personhood Debate
Moderator Sally Paulson

  • “The Legal/Ethical Ramifications of the Transition from ‘Fetus’ to ‘Person,’” Sally Paulson, Delta State University
  • “French Women in Letters: The Leaning of Epistles Toward Personhood,” Yvonne Tomek, Delta State University
  • “Beast or Human: Being Sensitive About Personhood,” James Tomek, Delta State University
  • “The Promise of the 13th and 14th Amendments,” Arlene Sanders, Delta State University

Panel C, Thomas Business 107
Creative Panel, Poetry
Moderator Rusty Rogers

  • Rusty Rogers, University of Central Arkansas
  • Ahrend Torrey, William Carey University
  • Kayla Pearce, Mississippi State University

Lunch, 11:45-1:30 (directions/suggestions provided at registration desk)

Panel A, Thomas Business 101
Undergraduate Panel on Narrating American Literary Identity
Moderator Tom Richardson

  • “Poe, Hawthorne, and the American Literary Canon,” Stephanie Craig, University of Southern Mississippi
  • “Marred by Memory,” Marian Mauseth, William Carey University
  • “American Identity and Separate Spheres in the Sentimental Text,” Ashten Redell, University of Southern Mississippi

Panel B, Thomas Business 102
Southern “Others”: Roots, Routes, and Identity Formations
Moderator Ted Atkinson

  • “Voodoo and the Caribbean Past as a Gateway to the American Present in The Grandissimes and Mules and Men,” Kirk A. Cochran, Mississippi State University
  • “What’s in a Name?:  Performative Identities in Zora Neal Hurston’s Mules and Men and Alice Walker’s ‘Everyday Use,’” Whitney Acton, Mississippi State University
  • “The Southern Grotesque: More Than Just ‘Southern,’” Megan Crutchfield, Mississippi State University
  • “Mysterious, Other, and Alluring:  Voodoo in New Orleans,” Charlyn Watson, Mississippi State University

Panel C, Thomas Business 107
Other Worlds:  Form and Meaning
Moderator Tim Edwards

  • “Under a Banished Sun:  Cormac McCarthy’s Cosmology in The Road,” Tim Edwards, University of West Alabama
  • “Passion and Destiny in an Epic:  Virgil’s The Aeneid and Shikibu’s The Tale of the Genji as Case Study,” Rim Marghli, Jackson State University
  • “The Evangelical Ex-Convict and the Suicidal Professor: Conversations, Confessions, and Convictions in Cormac McCarthy’s The Sunset Limited,” Uju Ifeanyi, Grambling State University
  • “Dots Connect Dots Connect:  Robert Duncan and Metaphyisical Relativity in the Grand Collage,” George B. Lucas, Mississippi College


Panel A, Thomas Business 101
Echoes in Early American Literature
Moderator Benjamin F. Fisher

  • Wyandotte:  James Fenimore Cooper’s Exploration of Identity Formation and Patriarchal Norms on the American Frontier,” Candis Pizzetta, Jackson State University
  • “Tennessee Mountain Gothic:  Supernaturalism in the Fiction of Mary N. Murfree,” Benjamin F. Fisher, University of Mississippi
  • “‘The Oval Portrait’ and ‘Edward Randolph’s Portrait’: A Very Close Literary Relationship,” Alan Brown, University of West Alabama

Panel B, Thomas Business 102
Race and Reaction
Moderator Kendrick Prewitt

  • “Henry Taylor and the Southern Pastoral Tradition,” Kendrick Prewitt, University of West Alabama
  • “Alice Walker’s Use of Symbolism in ‘Her Sweet Jerome’:  The Ineffectiveness of the Civil Rights Movement,” Beatrice McKinsey, Grambling State University
  • “‘The matter with us,' he said, 'is you': Racism, Riots, and Radical Religion in Jeffrey Eugenides' Middlesex,” Lindsey McDonald, William Carey University
  • “‘We need the storm, the whirlwind, the earthquake’:  The Intersection of Language and Violence in Nat Turner’s ‘Confessions’ and Frederick Douglass’s My Bondage and My Freedom,” Allison Lane Tharp, University of Southern Mississippi

Panel C, Thomas Business 107
Roundtable Discussion
Moderator Joyce Inman
“Sustainable Culture and the Engaged Humanities in the Composition Classroom, A Roundtable Discussion,” Joyce Inman, Martina Sciolino, Ann McNair, and Brinn Strange, all from the University of Southern Mississippi