Health Status Requirements for Pre-Licensure BSN, RN-BSN, & MSN

The School of Nursing requires students to provide evidence of continued health status compliance. These requirements must be fulfilled in order for students to progress/remain in the program. Health status requirements are due on the first day of each term.

All students must submit the results of a current TB skin test each year. Students must provide evidence of current immunizations. This includes: (a) two varicella vaccines or a positive varicella titer, (b) two measles, mumps and rubella vaccines after 12 months of age or a positive titer, (c) Diphtheria-Tetanus and Pertussis (If the tetanus vaccine was given more than two years ago the student must receive a tetanus booster with the pertussis portion of the vaccine due to a resurgence of pertussis. If the student has had a previous reaction to the pertussis vaccine, medical documentation must be provided.), (d) The hepatitis B series must either be in progress or completed according to the CDC guidelines or a declination form must be signed (See Undergraduate Academic Coordinator for form).

The ultimate responsibility for compliance, and the appropriate documentation, with medical requirements lies with the student. Admitting students may not progress to coursework without providing evidence of health compliance. Failure to have up-to-date health records will result in the inability to attend the clinical portion of a course and ultimately failure in the course. Any clinical missed because of failure to turn in skin test results will result in “Unsatisfactory” evaluation for that day and the clinical time CANNOT be made up.

All students must have a physical exam form completed and submitted by the date specified. The physical exam must have occurred in the last 12 months. The student’s signature on the form indicates that it is complete and accurate. Student should notify instructor and/or Program Head should health status change. Any information revealed later is considered falsification of records. Any student who answers “yes” to the question about disability must turn in (with the physical exam form) an evaluation by a physician or licensed psychologist indicating the disability and the recommended accommodations. This evaluation cannot be more than three years old. Failure to turn in appropriate forms will result in the inability to attend the clinical portion of a course and ultimate failure in the course. Clinical time missed results in “Unsatisfactory” evaluation for the day and the clinical time CANNOT be made up.

3/06 – Revised 6/08, 8/11

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