Admission, Progression, & Graduation Requirements

To be admitted as a regular student the applicant will have to:

  • Submit a completed Graduate Application for Admission.
  • Pay application fee.
  • Submit official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended.
  • Submit a scholarly narrative of 1-2 pages of personal philosophy of nursing education and goals.
  • Submit three letters of reference:  two from individuals who can attest to research and scholarship and one personal reference.
  • Submit an updated curriculum vita.
  • Have earned a MSN from an accredited school of nursing.
  • Have earned a GPA of >3.5 on MSN courses.
  • Have an unencumbered license with no pending legal or state board action.
  • Be eligible to re-enter any previously attended college or university in good standing.
  • Demonstrate computer literacy involving proficiency in word processing, email correspondence, and the internet.

Prior to starting doctoral level courses in the Fall Term, the student must:

  • Demonstrate competency in scholarly writing by submission of a GRE Analytical Writing score of 4.0 or better within the last five years or passing the NUR 692 Scholarly Writing for Healthcare Professionals with a grade of B of better prior to taking regular fall term classes.
  • Demonstrate basic competence in statistics as evidenced by successful completion, with a grade of B or better, in an undergraduate or graduate level statistics course within the past ten years or substantial experience in nursing research projects prior to taking NUR 748.
  • Submit a valid Criminal Background Check or complete one at orientation.

Application Deadlines: The PhD program admits annually in the Fall Term. Applications for Fall 2017 are currently being accepted. The deadline to have a completed application is dependent on the student’s plan to meet the writing requirement. If the student plans to take NUR 692 (starts May 6, 2017 for the Summer Term), then the deadline for a complete application and acceptance is April 21, 2017. If the student plans to take the GRE and score a 4 or better on the Analytical Writing section, then the deadline for a complete application and acceptance is July 21, 2017. The first weekend of meetings will be for orientation on August 4th and Fall Term classes on August 5th. 

Progression Through the PhD program Requires:

  • Completion of all assignments with a passing grade.
  • Make no grade below a B. The student is allowed to repeat only one course to improve the grade to a B. A student who achieves less than a B in a second course is not eligible to progress in the program.
  • Any student who makes an "F" in a PhD course will be dismissed from the program and ineligible to readmit.
  • Successful completion of comprehensive examination.
  • Successful completion of a dissertation.

Graduation requires:

  • Successful completion of all degree requirements with a GPA of >3.5.
  • The student to submit a degree application.
  • Mandatory participation in graduation.
  • Nomination by the dean.
  • Degree Application

Contact Information: For more information about the program, please contact Dr. Jenna Barton, Assistant Professor of Nursing, PhD Advisor at  or 601-318-6490.