Program Information

Program Description: The Doctor of Nursing Practice to Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Education Program prepares DNP graduates in faculty roles seek tenure track positions that require a PhD.

Program Overview: The PhD in Nursing Education program is a terminal degree designed for the DNP-prepared nurses to serve as nurse scholars as well as nurse educators. Graduates will be prepared for the educator role including the ability to use sound education concepts, principles, and knowledge in order to develop undergraduate and graduate nursing students who will be able to contribute to the health and well-being of diverse populations across the lifespan. Graduates will also be able to assume leadership and upper level administrative roles in nursing education in order to assure accountable clinical nursing practice. 

Program Outcomes: Graduates of the DNP to PhD in Nursing Education will meet the following graduate outcomes:

  1. Utilize concepts, knowledge, and skills to create an environment that facilitates classroom and clinical learning in the cognitive affective and psychomotor domains.
  2. Facilitate students’ development as professional nurses.
  3. Utilize sound principles to develop strategies to assess academic achievement in the classroom and clinical settings and in the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains.
  4. Design, implement, evaluate, and revise nursing curricula and program outcomes that reflect the academic institution’s mission and goals, reflect current trends and evidence-based practice, and prepare graduates to function as professional nurses.
  5. Function as a change agent in order to promote the profession of nursing.
  6. Develop and articulate a vision for the professional nursing practice within the healthcare delivery system.
  7. Utilize information and communication technology effective in the global environment of nursing and healthcare.
  8. Establish relationships with the community of interest.
  9. Demonstrate proficiency in scholarly writing.
  10. Utilize Christian principles as a nurse educator.

Hours: The DNP to PhD in Nursing Education is a sixty-one credit hour degree. Of those sixty-one hours, the DNP graduates will be awarded twenty-four credit hours based on their DNP. There are thirty-seven hours to complete in the PhD in Nursing Education program. Nineteen of those hours will be in the dissertation process, and eighteen hours will be devoted to nursing education courses. All PhD candidates are required to successfully complete a comprehensive examination. The student will be able to complete the program in a two-year period.

Delivery Method: The program is offered in a hybrid online format with approximately four Friday and Saturday face-to-face meetings per year.

Dissertation Process: Dissertation process is scheduled in the program of study and guided throughout by faculty. The process begins with research and statistics courses followed by dissertation courses to guide the student through the research process. Within the dissertation courses, the committee, the chair, and the statistician are provided for student guidance.

Cost of Program: See tuition and fee information at

Contact Information: For more information about the program, please contact Dr. Jenna Barton, Assistant Professor of Nursing, PhD Advisor at  or 601-318-6490.