Hattiesburg Faculty and Staff

Sharwynne Drennan

Administrative Assistant for the Clinical Simulation Lab
(601) 318 6060

Courtney Fortune

Clinical Rotations Counselor

Kristen Graves

Rotations Grade Coordinator/Data Entry Clerk

Misti Harrison

Administrative Assistant to the Associate Dean, Academic Affairs

Kimberly Jackson

Administrative Assistant to the Faculty

Rosemary Kitchens

Administrative Assistant to the WCUCOM Associate Registar

Bridgette Lee

Administrative Assistant to the WCUCOM Dean
(601) 318-6086

Shelia Martin

Administrative Assistant/Grades Coordinator
(601) 318-6788

Makayla Merritt

Director of Clinical Rotations
(601) 318-6087

Sarah Middleton

Elective Clinical Rotations Counselor and CME/GME Specialist
(601) 318-6250

Lorna Mitchell

Financial Aid Counselor for WCUCOM

Ginger Poole

Faculty Secretary
(601) 318-6559

Libby Saxon

Administrative Assistant for Faculty
(601) 318-6097

Elizabeth Smith-Trigg

Administrative Assistant for the Associate Deans
(601) 318-6731

Barry Williams

Interim Director of Operations for WCUCOM
(601) 318-6785

Joshua Wilson

Director of Media Relations and Marketing
(601) 318-6767

William Curry

Director of Financial Aid
(601) 318-6153

Deidra Shows

Director of Payroll and Personnel Services
(601) 318-6126

Wendy Moore

Director of Student Support Services
(601) 318-6212

Wendy Moore

Director of Student Support Services
(601) 318-6212