Graphic Design

Computer Graphics: (3 hours)

A study of the fundamentals of computer assisted graphic design, basic computer literacy and keyboarding. This course introduces the student to the computer through the Mac basics. Trouble shooting and maintenance will be emphasized. Prerequisite to graphic design courses requiring computer use. (Prerequisite: ART 101, 102, and 108 or consent of the instructor.)

Advertising Design I: (3 hours)

An introduction to the principles, techniques, media tools and skills used in graphic design field. An overview of the advertising industry. Creative brainstorming from thumbnails to marker compositions to finished art will be emphasized. (Prerequisite: ART 254.)

Graphic Illustration: (3 hours)

Explores the creative process as it applies to advertising and editorial illustration. Traditional techniques will be used to create illustrations for various types of print advertising. (Prerequisite: ART 131.)

Graphic Illustration II: (3 hours)

Advanced illustration methods explored. Students will learn the intermediate and advanced illustration techniques in traditional and in the most current graphics programs. (Prerequisite: ART 131.)

Web Page Design: (3 hours)

This course provides a beginner to intermediate approach to web design on the Macintosh computer. It will introduce the latest developments in the industry with current software, graphics programs, and the upload and download of information to servers. (Prerequisite: ART 254 or consent of instructor.)

Multimedia Design: (3 hours)

This course provides a beginner to intermediate approach to multimedia and special effects on the Macintosh computer. Students will develop an interactive portfolio piece and corresponding web site. (Prerequisite: ART 254 or consent of instructor.

Advertising Design II: (3 hours)

Advanced computer techniques, typography and advertising concepts will be used to create images for visual communications such as presentations and print.

Advertising Design III: (3 hours)

Covers advance principles, practices and web page design skills in the graphic design industry. Students will construct a 4-color project and output the file to separations at an off-campus site in high resolution. Trapping and postscript files will also be discussed.

Advertising Design Iv: (3 hours)

Continuation of individual studies in portfolio preparation. Students will concentrate on finished art for a directed portfolio.

Prepress Production: (3 hours)

This course integrates advanced graphic design courses with the technical aspect of the printing process. It is the application and fundamentals of preparing artwork for either digital or traditional printing press. Instruction in current software application methodology and theory is continued. (Prerequisite: ART 353.)

Graphic Design/Illustration Projects: (3 hours)

This is a senior level class in graphic design/illustration. The course includes a portfolio review by local professionals with critiques on the student’s work. The student will then make the necessary changes to the artwork, build a resume, business cards, letterheads, leave-behinds, and have a digital portfolio as well as a traditional portfolio. (Prerequisite: Senior classification.)