Forensics Team

Do you like to perform or speak in front of others? Are you just interested in improving your oral and written communication skills? Do you like competition? Have you had experience in high school speech and debate competition? Then, consider becoming a part WCU Speech & Debate Team.

What types of events are offered?

There are a number of different events that will teach you the necessary skills for any career path. The interpretative events include prose, poetry, drama, and dramatic duo (ideal for anyone who needs a creative outlet). Public address events include informative, persuasive, after dinner speaking, as well as rhetorical criticism (great for Telecommunication, Psychology, Business, Pre-Med, or Education Majors). Limited preparation events include impromptu and extemporaneous speaking (If you are a Political Science, Pre-Law, or a History Major, you would love it).


We travel one to two weekends each month to locations throughout the South including Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, and Tennessee. Additionally, we travel to National Tournaments that have been held in a variety of locations from Missouri to Washington, DC to California. The university pays for transportation, hotel, and you even get food money.

Assistance and Preparation

Detailed and well thought out preparation is needed for a winning presentation. Research and writing may require you to take advantage of our full range of technology to meet your needs. One-on-one coaching provides students with the attention need to be successful!!!

If you are interested in joining the team, please call or e-mail (601) 318 – 6775 or If you have any questions regarding the speech team, orientation, or you just need to chat with someone before school starts, please do not hesitate to contact me.