Establishing an endowment is a great way to provide for university and student needs every year. The earnings from the endowments generate funds every year without reducing the principal in the endowment.

Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarship are a great way to honor a loved one and to provide scholarship money to a needy and deserving student. Establishing an endowed scholarship or contributing to an existing endowed scholarship is easy. For information about establishing an endowed scholarship click here. To donate to an endowed scholarship click here.

The donor selects the name and criteria for the scholarship. A scholarship endowment may be started with any amount, and when the endowment reaches $10,000, it begins to disburse funds to students and is recognized in university literature. The scholarship award is produced by the earnings of the endowment. A $10,000 endowment typically provides about $500 a year for a student. Anyone can contribute to an endowed scholarship at any time.

Restricted Scholarships

Restricted scholarships are very similar to endowed scholarships, except they generate the scholarship funds from the principal of the fund. For example, if $1,000 is given to a restricted scholarship, all $1,000 is dispersed that year. Click here for information for establishing a restricted scholarship.

For a list and description of Endowed and Restricted Scholarships click here.

Endowed Professorships

Endowed professorships recognize and support outstanding professors. Current endowed professorships are the Gillespie Chair of Art, the J. Ralph Noonkester Endowed Professorship of History, the J. D. Sims Chair of Business Administration, the Thomson Chair of Business Administration, the William Carey Endowed Professor of Missions, the Winters Chair in Music, and the Harriet Mather Professorship in Nursing.

Legacy Endowments

The Legacy Scholarship Endowment honors faculty who have left a legacy of learning and staff who have left a legacy of leadership. WCU alumni can honor the legacy of those who made a difference in their life by giving to the Legacy Scholarship Endowment and having a Legacy of Learning Award or Legacy of Leadership Award given in that person’s honor. Nominations will be screened by a committee, and a stone will be placed in an appropriate location on campus with the person’s name and service.

Other Endowments

Some endowments are established to support a particular program, activity or lectureship. For example, the earnings of mission endowments support mission trips and student missionaries every year. For a list of mission endowments click here.