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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hattiesburg, Miss., April 15, 2013 - William Carey University students Megan Bourne of Columbia and Shelby Barrett of Lumberton were both awarded scholarships at the Alpha Chi National College Honor Society Convention in St. Louis, Mo., March 27-29. Bourne, a senior art major, won the National H.Y. Benedict Fellowship ($2,500) for her paper Anish Kapoor. Barrett, a senior biology major, won the Region III Scholarship ($500) for her paper The American Oyster and Its Many Roles in the Northern Gulf of Mexico.

The aims of the English courses are to help the student learn to write with a high level of accuracy, effectiveness, and fluency; to give emphasis to research techniques, particularly for prospective graduate students in English; and to help the student to develop the ability to read critically and appreciatively the best of English, American, and continental literature.

The aims of the foreign language courses are to develop foreign language skills which enable the student to engage in oral and written communication with other peoples of the world and provide an auxiliary skill in professions; to develop in students a linguistic sense  sufficient for students to be able to compare a native tongue with other languages; to give the student through  readings in foreign language a background of culture of the nations using this language; to enable the student to read scientific, literary, and other texts in a foreign language.