Biological Sciences

The department of biological sciences provides core curriculum courses in the biological sciences and appropriate undergraduate-level training for students planning careers in biological science, health related science, and science education. Students majoring in biological science will acquire a broad knowledge of the general principles of biological science to include the interrelationships of living organisms within the biosphere and the ways human populations impact these relationships. In the laboratories students develop skills in the use of the techniques and instrumentation used in modern biological science. These experiences provide optimum preparation for graduate study or careers as a professional biologist or a biology teacher. Health related programs or pre-programs provide counseling and training relative to gaining admission to the clinical phases of the programs or career advancement within a particular health related profession.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017
William Carey University graduates Conner Sears and Terra Parker Cody were recently awarded the Mississippi Rural Physicians Scholarship valued at $30,000 per year for their medical training.
Cody is a Monticello native and the daughter of Mark and Michele Parker of Monticello. She is a student at the WCU College of Osteopathic Medicine. Sears is a Lumberton native and is the daughter of Steed Sears and Dr. Jan Sears of Lumberton. She will attend the University of Mississippi School of Medicine in Jackson.