Department Staff and Faculty

Biological Sciences


Cornelis Beckers

Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
(601) 318-6707

Lakeisha Cunningham

Part-time Professor of Biological Sciences

Joycelyn Estess

Academic Administrative Assistant to the School of Natural & Behavioral Sciences
(601) 318-6688

Nick Griffis, M.S.

Instructor of Biology
(601) 318-6420

Nick Griffis received his B.S. at the University of Southern Mississippi in 1990, then his M.S. at the University of Southern Mississippi in 1993. He teaches courses for the William Carey Biology Department including Anatomy and Physiology I and II, General Biology, and Microbiology. He teaches Clinical Anatomy I and II laboratory, and Maintains the Clinical Anatomy laboratory facility for the College of Osteopathic Medicine. His interest areas include Human Anatomy, Immunology, and Microbiology. He joined the WUCCOM team in 2010.

Liliana Hernandez

Associate Professor of Biology

Tyler Hodges

Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences

Tyler W. Hodges, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
B.S. The University of Mississippi, 2000
M.S. The University of Mississippi, 2003
Ph.D. The University of Alabama, 2008
Courses Taught: General Microbiology, Anatomy and Physiology I & II, Genetics, and Biology Capstone.
Interest areas: Production of bioactive molecules by microorganisms, microbial ecology of marine environments, and pharmaceutical delivery systems.

Douglas Lipka

Assistant Professor of Biology

Thomas Rauch

Associate Professor of Biology; Chair, Department of Biology
(601) 318-6119

Thomas J. Rauch III, Chair, Professor of Biological Sciences
B.S.  Louisiana State University, 1974
M.S. Louisiana State University, 1994
Ph.D. The University of Southern Mississippi, 2000
Courses taught: Principals 1, Principals 2, Botany, Ecology, Marine Biology, Conservation Biology, Field Biology, Ichthyology, and Herpetology.
Interest areas: The ecology of plants and animals in Mississippi and the behavioral and community ecology of fishes in the northern Gulf of Mexico.

Everett A. Roark, PhD

Director of Master of Biomedical Science Program; Associate Dean of Pre-Professional Sciences; Associate Professor of Biomedical Science
(601) 318-6027

Dr. Roark earned his Bachelor of Science degree in molecular biology from Jackson State. While attending Jackson State he participated in research projects at Jackson State University, the University of Georgia, the University of Missouri-Columbia, the University of Chicago and the Mississippi Medical Center. After graduation, Dr. Roark worked as a research technician at the University of Chicago where he investigated eukaryotic protein trafficking. He earned his Ph.D. in Microbiology and Genetics from Northwestern University.

Dr. Roark has been continuously funded throughout his research career as both a research technician and a graduate student. He has received several awards through his career and has been published in multiple peer reviewed journals. His research interests include protein trafficking, bacterial pathogenesis, cell physiology and genetics. Dr. Roark has taught many biology classes including Genetics, Microbiology, Cell physiology, Graduate Genomics, Bioethics, and Histology. He has developed and taught several courses including online and brick & mortar.

Dr. Roark has taught Medical Genetics and Medical Microbiology since joining the William Carey University College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2010.

Shirley Scott

Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences

Tasha Thames

Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences


Marc Daniels

Professor of Biology
(228) 702-1846

Marc C. Daniels, Professor of Biological Sciences
B.S.  Florida State University, 1989
Ph.D. University of Alabama at Birmingham, 1996
Courses taught: A & P 1 and 2, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Evolution & Intelligent Design, Cell Physiology
Interest areas: Molecular Biology and gene expression

Lynn Singletary

Associate Professor of Biology on the Tradition Campus
(228) 702-1880

Lynn B. Singletary, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
B.S. The University of Southern Mississippi, 1978
M.S. The University of Southern Mississippi, 1981
Courses taught: General Biology, A+P 1 and 2, Genetics, Cell Physiology, and Health Related Professions.