Curriculum Revision & Development

Curriculum revision, development and refinement require the consideration of the many changes occurring in the healthcare environment, instructional settings and approaches, and in educational and medical technologies. Based upon current research in medical education, we conduct ongoing assessment of the existing curriculum to determine strengths, gaps, and redundancies with the aim of developing changes that reflect best practices in the delivery of osteopathic medical education.

Our approach combines ongoing "pilot" changes as well as larger-scale changes in overall course and curricular structure. This quality improvement initiative is guided by special faculty working groups, the Curriculum Council, and the Council for Quality Assurance. The safe delivery of patient-centered care is our ultimate goal for our graduates, with training based on a learner-centered model of instructional delivery.

The overarching parameters for change involve moving from a discipline-based curriculum to a curriculum with greater emphasis on the integration of the biomedical and clinical sciences. The structure remains grounded in osteopathic core competencies as identified by the AOA and AACOM with a focus on training in primary care.

Components of the curriculum revision and refinement process: