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Research Databases


Full Text Primary Sources

Center for Study of the Life and Work of William Carey, D.D. (1761-1834)

Google Books

Internet Archive


Library of Liberty

Internet Modern History Sourcebook

Loeb Classical Library Online (William Carey University password required)

Perseus Project: Greek and Roman Materials

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Post-Reformation Digital Library    Links to Digital Libraries



Electronic Research Databases at William Carey University

WILLIAM—Carey's Online Library Catalog

William Carey University Library―Discovery Search


Research Databases―Secondary Sources

Academic Search Premier―EBSCO    





ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global

SAGE: Social Sciences & Humanities  

Google Scholar    Google Books    Google Images    Google Maps   


Biblical Studies and Philosophy Reference

The Anchor Bible Dictionary (Ref 220.3 A539f - Smith-Rouse)

The Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible (Ref 220.3 B988i - Smith-Rouse)

A Dictionary of the Bible

Biblical Archaeology Society

Biblical Studies Online (audio lectures)

The Oxford Companion to the Bible

The Oxford Guide to People and Places of the Bible

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt

The Oxford Companion to Archaeology

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Archaeology in the Near East

Encyclopedia of Ancient Greek Language and Linguistics

Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics

Scrolls from the Dead Sea―Library of Congress Exhibit

Encyclopedia of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Religion Online—Full-text Articles and Books

Theology on the Web―Free, public access to Biblical, historical, and theological articles

Biblical ―Free, public access to Biblical articles

Biblical Studies on the Web: A Guide to Exegesis

The Jewish Encyclopedia (1910)

The Catholic Encyclopedia (1909 ed.)
Holman Bible Dictionary


The Oxford Companion to Philosophy

The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy

The Oxford Companion to Consciousness


Classics Reference

The Oxford Classical Dictionary

Oxford Dictionary of the Classical World

Encyclopedia of Ancient Greek Language and Linguistics

The Oxford Companion to Classical Civilization

The Oxford Companion to Classical Literature

Who's Who in the Classical World

Brill’s New Pauly―Greco-Roman Antiquity

The Grove Encyclopedia of Classical Art and Architecture

Patrologia Graeca
Patrologia Latina

Oskar Seyffert, Dictionary of Classical Antiquities

William Smith, ed., Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities    Site 2      Site 3


History Reference

The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church

The Oxford Dictionary of the Middle Ages

Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages

The Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium

The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Renaissance

The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Reformation

Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment

The Oxford Companion to British History

The Oxford Companion to Black British History

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

The Kings and Queens of Britain

A Dictionary of Popes

The Oxford Dictionary of Saints

A Dictionary of English Manuscript Terminology, 1450-2000

The Oxford Encyclopedia of South Asian Christianity

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Maritime History

British History Online



The Oxford Encyclopedia of South Asian Christianity


World Religions Reference

The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church

The Oxford Encyclopedia of South Asian Christianity

The Oxford Dictionary of Islam


General Reference

Oxford English Dictionary

The Oxford Dictionary of English Grammar

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Turabian Guidelines


Credo Reference
Encyclopedia Britannica Online

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (themes)

Oxford Reference Library

International Encyclopedia of Linguistics

The New Oxford Companion to Law

Chronicle of Higher Education

NAXOS, Music Library


Greek Fonts


Loeb Classical Library Online (William Carey University password required)

Perseus Project: Greek and Roman Materials (William Carey University password required)

Novi Testamenti Sancti Auctores, Documenta Catholica Omnia

Perseus Project: Greek and Roman Materials

New Testament Papyri & Codices 2nd-10th Centuries—K. C. Hanson
Collections of Greek & Latin Documents—K. C. Hanson
Codex Sinaiticus—The Oldest Bible

    "The Discovery of the Sinaitic Manuscript"—Constantin von Tischendorf

Codex Vaticanus

Codex Washingtonianus

Codex Bezae


Papyrus Making 101

Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts—Timothy W. Seid
The Center for Study of New Testament Manuscripts

H. Milton Haggard Center for New Testament Textual Studies

Institut für neutestamentliche Textforschung, Münster, Germany

Greek Manuscript Comparator (TR, Tisch. WH, Byz-M)

B-Greek: The Biblical Greek Mailing List

The Bible Translator (1950-2000)

World-Wide Ancient Greek

Ancient Greek Grammar on the Web

Herbert Weir Smyth, A Greek Grammar for Colleges

A. T. Robertson, A Grammar of the Greek New Testament in the Light of Historical Research, 3d ed., 1919

William Watson Goodwin, Syntax of the Moods and Tenses of the Greek Verb

Jeffrey A. Rydberg-Cox, Overview of Greek Syntax Greek and Latin Learning Tools


Novum Testamentum Graece, 28th ed.

LaParola Greek New Testament (SBLGNT, Tischendorf, Westcott-Hort, Byzantine)
Greek New Testament (Searchable N-A 26th ed.)

H KAINH DIAQHKH. Text with Critical Apparatus. London: British and Foreign Bible Society, 1913 [1904 Nestle text].

Parallel Greek New Testament Published Texts

BibleDataBase—Multiple Greek NT and LXX Editions

The Online Greek Bible

The Gospels in Parallel Format (Greek)


The Apostolic Bible Polyglot
Greek Text of the Septuagint—Greek Orthodox Church Site
The Septuagint Online

Septuagint―Morphological Analysis

New English Translation of the Septuagint (NETS)


Novi Testamenti Sancti Auctores, Documenta Catholica Omnia

Perseus Project: Greek and Roman Materials

Perseus Project: Morphological Analyses for Inflected Greek Words
Perseus Project: Henry George Liddell and Robert Scott,
An Intermediate Greek-English Lexicon (word search)
Perseus Project: Henry George Liddell and Robert Scott,
A Greek-English Lexicon (word search)

The Online Liddell-Scott-Jones Greek-English Lexicon at Thesaurus Linguae Graecae

University of Chicago LOGEION Lexicon

Strong's Greek Concordance to the Septuagint and Greek NT (by word)
Strong's Concordance, Greek NT, and Hebrew Bible (by verse)

A. T. Robertson, Word Pictures in the New Testament    Site 1     Site 2


The Latin Library 

Christian Latin
The Latin Vulgate: BibleDataBase
The Latin Vulgate: The Internet Sacred Text Archive
The Göttingen Gutenberg Bible

The Gutenberg Bible at the British Library
Corpus Scriptorum Latinorum

Perseus Project: Greek and Roman Materials (including Jerome's Latin Vulgate)

Thesaurus Precum Latinarum (Treasury of Latin Prayers)
Anselm, Nicholas of Cusa, and Hugh of Balma
Labyrinth Latin Library


Perseus Project: Latin Morphological Analysis

Perseus Project: Allen and Greenough, New Latin Grammar for Schools and Colleges
Latin Teaching Materials at Saint Louis University Latin and Greek Learning Tools


The St. Chad Gospels
The Lindisfarne Gospels and the Luttrell Psalter at the British Library
The Burnet Psalter, 15th Century Manuscript, University of Aberdeen
Collection of Latin Documents—K. C. Hanson
Images of Medieval Latin Manuscripts at the Bodleian Library


Bible Hub

Crosswalk Bible Study
The Unbound Bible
The Bible Gateway
The Blue Letter Bible

American Bible Society—Search Bible Translations
The Polyglot Bible: The Internet Sacred Text Archive

Historic Bibles Online―Scans of Early Texts


King James Version (1611 scans)     King James Version (1769)    The King James Version (multiple editions)
The Douay-Rheims Bible (1582, NT; 1609, OT)    The Rheims NT (1582; Challoner revision, 1750)

English Revised Version (1881; 1888)

American Standard Version (1901)

Revised Standard Version (1946/1952, 19712nd)

The New American Bible (1971, 2011)
The New Jerusalem Bible (1985)
The Net Bible

English Standard Version (2001)

Holman Christian Standard Bible (2004)

Oremus Bible Browser (NRSV, 1989; KJV; Coverdale Psalter)
The Revised Common Lectionary

Wesley Center Online―Early Bibles in HTML

Wycliffe Bible (1395)

William Tyndale’s Translation (1526, 1531)


Study Light―Early Bibles in HTML

The Wycliffe Bible (1395)  

Tyndale New Testament (1526)   

The Coverdale Bible (1535)

The Bishops' Bible (1568)

The Geneva Bible (1587)

New Testament
New Testament Gateway (extensive collection of all aspects of NT study)

BSW―Biblica and Filologia

Biblical Studies.Org.UK (free access to scans of articles)
The Development of the New Testament Canon
The Gospels in Parallel Format (Greek)

The Gospels in Parallel Format (English)    Another Parallel

A Synoptic Gospels Primer

The Gospels in Parallel Format (various languages)
Early Christian Writings

Into His Own: Perspective on the World of Jesus

Kata-P―Bible Resource Page
N. T. Wright—An Unofficial Page

ENTER—Felix Just's NT Page

Christian Theology and History

LacusCurtius: Into the Roman World

The Christian Catacombs of Rome

Early Christian Writings

Christian Classics Ethereal Library
The Fathers of the Church

The Ecole Initiative (Encyclopedia of Early Church History)
The Saint Pachomius Library: A Living Encyclopædia of Orthodox Christianity
The Catholic Encyclopedia (1909 ed.)
Theological Commons―Princeton Theological Seminary


Creeds of Christendom
Early Church Documents and Creeds of the Church

Early An Internet Resource for Studying the Early Church

Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies

Center for Reformation and Renaissance Studies

Post-Reformation Digital Library

Christian History―Christianity Today

James O'Donnell's Augustine Page
Center for Reformed Theology

The Reformed Sermon Archive

Isaac Newton's Religious Writings―The Newton Center

The Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale University

The John Newton Project
Theological Research Exchange Network


The Book of Common Prayer

The NET Hymnal
OREMUS HYMNAL―Index of The English Hymnal, 1906, 1933

The History Guide


Overview of World Religions




Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
A Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names

Philosophy Resources on the Internet: Episteme Links
Philosophy around the Web
Elementary Logic Page (with definitions from Irving Copi)
The Fallacy Files

History of Philosophy
Continental Philosophy
The Epistemology Page

Ethics Updates

Guidelines on Writing a Philosophy Paper

Writing a Philosophy Paper

A Short Guide on Writing a Philosophy Paper

A Sample Philosophy Paper

William Strunk, Jr., The Elements of Style

Turabian Guidelines

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