Courses in Philosophy

The minor in philosophy includes the following eighteen semester hours of coursework:

PHI 201 — Introduction to Philosophy (3 hours)  An introduction to problems, methodologies, and major areas of philosophy as exemplified in selected primary and secondary sources.

PHI 250 — LOGIC (3 hours)  A course in critical reasoning with an introductory study of language problems, deductive logic, inductive logic, and symbolic logic.

PHI 350 ? EPISTEMOLOGY (3 hours)  A study of contemporary theory of knowledge, including the following issues: what knowledge is, perception, skepticism, propositions, truth theories, theories of justification, foundationalism, deduction, and induction.  (Prerequisite: PHI 201)

PHI 401 — PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION (3 hours)  A study of the philosophical issues related to the logic of, challenges to, and problems for Christian theism.  (Prerequisite: PHI 201)

PHI 403 — MORAL PHILOSOPHY (3 hours)  A study of the major theoretical paradigms of ethics from the ancient Greeks through the contemporary theorists; attention is given to contemporary moral issues and problems.  (Prerequisite: PHI 201)

PHI 450 — HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHY (3 hours)  A study of the historical development of philosophy from the ancient Greek philosophers through the contemporary period.  (Prerequisite: PHI 201)