Courses Offered

The Biology Major

  1. Students choose a minimum of 33 hours in Biology (including 17 upper-level hours) in addition to the above to complete the major. (The Biology major requires a minimum of 40 hours, at least 20 upper-level, of BIO/HRP courses.)
  2. A minor is required. A chemistry or mathematics minor is strongly recommended for most careers in Biology. However, students are free to minor in any area. Other useful minors for Biology students include psychology, business, or physical education.


Biological Sciences Core Curriculum
All Biology majors are required to take the following courses.  Some of these courses will also satisfy Bachelor of Science core curriculum requirements.


Biology (7 hours)
Zoology (or equivalent)
Biology Capstone (BIO 498)


Chemistry (12 hours)
Inorganic Chemistry I
Inorganic Chemistry II
Organic Chemistry I


Mathematics (10 hours)
6 hrs MAT courses (College Algebra or higher)
Psychological Statistics