The Cobbler


The Cobbler is the newspaper of William Carey University. With roots back in the 1920s, The Cobbler has evolved from its early days as The Scissors, the newspaper of then-Mississippi Woman's College, and received its current name in the early 1950s as the university transitioned to then-William Carey College. The rich heritage of the newspaper continues with a bright future. The Cobbler publishes eight editions a year, with five editions published in a tabloid print format and three editions published exclusively online. In addition, the newspaper maintains a social media presence on both Facebook and Twitter and has embraced the emergence of journalism's digital era.

The Name

The Cobbler name is a tribute to university namesake William Carey's humble profession of cobbler, or a person who repairs shoes. Carey served as a cobbler before his days in the mission field. The name serves as a reminder of Carey's humble roots and how God can empower the humble to do great things for Him.


The Cobbler is a student publication with a staff of 10-15 students of various majors. The current editor-in-chief is Michael Coelho of Niceville, Fla., a senior business administration major. The editor-in-chief is appointed by the advisor and is responsible for the overall management of the publication. Adrienne Madden of Purvis, a sophomore biology and chemistry major, serves as general manager/managing editor and manages daily operations and the staff. Together, Coelho and Madden comprise the editorial board of the newspaper and set the overall tone for the publication. To contact the student management, email

The advisor of The Cobbler, appointed by the university president, provides guidance and support to the student staff. Joshua Wilson, marketing specialist in the Office of External Relations and a former editor-in-chief of The Cobbler, serves as the advisor. To contact Wilson, call (601) 318-6767 or email

Student Advisory Board

The student advisory board consists of students from across the university meeting on a quarterly basis to offer guidance to the publication’s staff and advisor. The 2014-2015 advisory board includes Sable Sanders, Morgan Naramore, Austin Speights, David Kanga, Deborah McNeal, Ben Austin, Corey Bell and Lauren Hummel.

Advertising Information

The Cobbler allows advertising on a limited basis, but reserves the right to reject or edit advertisements deemed contrary to the university’s mission. For advertising rates and a media kit, contact Joshua Wilson.