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Serampore College

 Est. 1818

First Day Cover and Stamp
June 7, 1969


To view the 1969 Indian stamp and first day brochure that honor Serampore College, click on the links below:

Stamp and First Day Issue Images

Serampore College Stamp First Day Issue--New Delhi

Serampore College Stamp First Day Issue--Bombay

Serampore College Crest Detail                Serampore College Stamp Detail


Stamp Brochure Images

Brochure, p. 1 (front cover)        Brochure, p. 2        Brochure, p. 3        Brochure, p. 4

Brochure, p. 5 (English translation)        Brochure, p. 6 (English translation)       

Brochure, p. 7 (technical data)        Brochure, p. 8 (technical data cont.)



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