When will all the money be due?

The payment schedule will be designed to be as student-friendly as possible; in other words, monies will not be required until they are needed to pay vendors.

Will deposits/payments be refundable?

The first $100 of the deposit is non-refundable. This is primarily because the airline has made their deposit non-refundable. After this, all payments will be refundable to the extent that the money is recoverable and the participant's cancellation does not affect the price for other participants. In other words, if STEP gets the money back, it will be refunded to the one cancelling.

What about passport and visa requirements?

You must have a passport to participate in this program. Even if you are uncertain about participation, you should apply for a passport NOW. The passport agency has lagged in its service time earlier this year.

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modified 15 April 2008