William Carey University: Study Travel and Excavation Program

STEP 2013 Italy
1-12 November 2013 (Fall Break)

Magna Graecia, Sicily, Pompeii, and Rome

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Day 1
31 Oct
Depart for Italy; overnight flight to Naples

RIGHT: Paestum temples at night

Lido Ostia
Day 2
1 Nov
Midday arrival in Naples; after securing our vans; drive to and visit Paestum (originally the Greek colony Poseidonia and later a Roman city), with very well-preserved temples; overnight at Paestum

AT LEFT: the 2088 STEP group in front of Greek temples at Paestum

AT RIGHT: Georganna, Rachel, Stewart, and West with another Greek temple at Paestum
  Day 3
2 Nov
Drive south from Campania to the "toe" of Italy, stopping at the Greek colony Elia (Roman Velia), home of the Eliadic school of early philosophy, and (depending on time), the abandoned village of Craco, Metapontum, and Locri; overnight in southern Italy    
Day 4
3 Nov
Drive to Syracuse for an extensive visit including: the most ancient part of Syracuse and the Temple of Athena which became the Christian Duomo, Syracuse's huge rock-cut theater, old city, and early Christian catacombs; overnight in Syracuse

AT LEFT: Georganna, Sarah, and Russell check out the Doric columns of the Temple of Athena, now part of the wall of the Duomo in Syracuse

AT RIGHT:  Travis contemplates the large rock-cut theater at Syracuse

Day 5
4 Nov
Early visit to the Christian catacombs in Syracuse; drive to continue to Agrigento, a dramatic city with impressive and picturesque temples for overnight.

AT LEFT above: Sarah and Russell check out the "Temple of Concord" at Agrigento

Day 6
5 Nov
Greek temple day! At Agrigento walk along the "Valley of Temples;" then on to Selinunte (ancient Greek Selinus), for even more Greek temples in various states of preservation; and another at Segesta, before taking the overnight ferry back to Naples.

LEFT, below: 2008 STEP group at Selinus/Selinunte

AT RIGHT: Felicia holds up a temple at Segesta in Sicily

Day 7
7 Nov
Early morning arrival in Naples Bay; depending on weather, ascend Mt Vesuvius for views of the area; other morning options include the Phlegrian Fields (volcanic vents) and a fine amphitheater at Puteoli, a beautiful morning drive along the Amalfi Coast (with stunning and romantic views!); we'll see Herculaneum, one of the two major cities destroyed by the eruption of Mt Vesuvius in AD 79. Overnight at Pompeii 

AT LEFT:  the 2010 STEP group in the baths at Herculaneum

AT RIGHT: Sarah and DCB near volcanic vents at the Solfatara; hot!


Day 8
8 Nov
If not accomplished the previous day: an early ascent up Mt. Vesuvius, the volcano that buried Pompeii and Herculaneum, with views of the whole Naples Bay area; then, an extensive exploration of Pompeii, the famous city covered by Vesuvius' eruption in AD 79; other sites if time allows; overnight at Pompeii

AT LEFT; ABOVE: Sarah looks toward Pompeii from the caldera crater of Mt. Vesuvius;
    BELOW: the view back to Mt. Vesuvius from the forum at Pompeii

AT RIGHT; ABOVE: Travis contemplates the Amphitheater at Pompeii;
    BELOW: the streets of Pompeii in 2010

Day 9
8 Nov
 AM: additional Naples Bay sites, according to group desire; drive to Rome, with options enroute including Antium/Anzio (site of Nero's seaside palace and a WWII U.S. amphibious landing battle site) and ancient Palestrina; before entering Rome, a stop at the most famous Roman Road, the Appian Way; overnight in Rome

AT LEFT:  Stewart in the "tunnel to Hell" at Baia
AT RIGHT: Sarah checks a wall decoration at
Oplontis; the villa of Nero's wife, buried by Vesuvius

Day 10
9 Nov

The environs of Rome, starting with the Etruscan cemetery site of Cerveteri, followed by Ostia, a port of Rome with impressive remains, and an afternoon descent to a catacomb; then, back to Rome for night exploration and overnight.

AT LEFT: Sarah and Russell at an Etruscan tomb at Cerveteri

AT RIGHT: The group on the ancient Appian Way among tombs outside Rome; West, Rachel and Stewart in front of the Colosseum

Day 11
10 Nov
A full day in Rome: the Colosseum, the Palatine Hill, Roman Forum, The Capitoline, Imperial Fora, Nero's Golden House, St. Peter in Chains, Nero's Golden House, and the Trevi Fountain! 

AT LEFT, ABOVE: Stewart, Rachel, and West in the Colosseum;
BELOW: Rachel on the Palatine Hill above the Roman Forum

AT RIGHT, ABOVE: Georganna and Felicia at the Arch of Titus leading into the Roman Forum;
BELOW: Ame', Georganna, and Travis at the Trevi Fountain.

Day 12
11 Nov

Morning visit to the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel, followed by a special tour through the excavations under St. Peter's where a first century cemetery may contain the actual tomb of Peter; then, a visit to St. Peter's basilica itself; in the afternoon, visit St. Paul's Outside the Walls, where an ancient church marked the original grave of Paul; then evening in the area of the Pantheon and Piazza Navona; overnight in Rome.

AT LEFT: in the Basilica of St Paul Outside the Walls

AT RIGHT; ABOVE: Felicia and Georganna at the Pantheon, built by the Emperor Hadrian in the 2nd century

Day 13
12 Nov
Return flight to the USA

AT LEFT: Sarah and Russell visit with Constantine the Great (or is it "large?")

RIGHT: STEP group at an ancient aqueduct near the Via Appia

all photos by Daniel C Browning, Jr


Updated: 11 December 2012