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STEP 2011 Greece Tour Schedule, 12-22 March

NOTE: This is an anticipated study travel schedule at this time; the actual itinerary may be modified for the benefit of the program or because of provider schedule changes. The purpose of this page is to give an overview of the itinerary and, through the pictures, provide a sense of the nature of the program for those considering this STEP adventure. Not all activities are listed, and pictures are chosen from previous STEP Greece trips.

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enroute Sat
12 Mar
(Day 1)

Depart USA from Gulfport (GPT); connections in Atlanta and New York (JFK); overnight flight from JFK to Athens.


13 Mar
(Day 2)

After our morning arrival in Athens; drive to Sounion Bay for a look at the dramatically sited Temple to Poseidon; then north to the Mycenaean remains and Hellenistic acropolis of Orchomenos--a tough climb with a great reward; then it off to Delphi, where there is excellent pizza and good sleep.

See the 2009 trip path in Google Maps by clicking here!

AT LEFT: Paige and Amber at the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion

RIGHT:  Andrew, Josh, and Luke atop ruins on the citadel of Orchomenos, you can almost make out our vans way down below (you don't get this on the bus tour!)
14 Mar
(Day 3)

In the morning, visit Delphi, oracle of the god Apollo with dramatic mountainside ruins, the museum, and Temple of Athena Pronaos below; drive north, with a stop at the spring of Thermopylae and the site of the last stand of "The 300;" continue to Meteora, for spectacular vistas, dinner, and overnight in Kalambaka
See the 2009 trip path in Google Maps by clicking here!

the group with the Athenian Treasury at Delphi
AT RIGHT: view of Varlaam at Meteora, where granite columns have supported monasteries for centuries

15 Mar
(Day 4)
Morning visits to monasteries and more excellent landscapes at Meteora; drive through mountain tunnels to Thesprotia in northwestern Greece for an exploration of the Nekyomanteion of Acheron, an ancient oracle for consultation of the Dead and a scramble over the ruins of the adjacent city; return east along the modern motorway "Egnatia Odos" (built on the route of the Roman highway by the same name) stopping at Dodona (the oldest oracle in Greece) and Beroea (of Paul's 2nd Missionary Journey; Acts 16); overnight in the mountains above Thessalonica
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AT LEFT: in the Nekyomanteion of the Acheron, an Oracle of the Dead

AT RIGHT: the morning view at Varlaam, which should have been approximately the one on Monday, above

16 Mar
(Day 5)

A morning drive east to Kavalla (ancient Neapolis, where Paul first made land in Europe) where we can walk a well-preserved Roman road; a short distance away explore the extensive ruins of Philippi (of Paul's 2nd journey) and optionally make the tough climb to the acropolis for excellent views; just outside of the city, visit the traditional site of Lydia's baptism; heading back towards Thessalonica, stop at the Hellenistic lion statue at Amphipolis, and continue to Jim Grill Place for a unique Greek dinner; for those with remaining energy: night pictures of Thessalonica before overnight
See the 2009 trip path in Google Maps by clicking here!

AT LEFT, above: in the Castle above Kavalla

AT LEFT, below: photographing Bo on the Via Egnatia, the Roman road taken by Paul to Philippi

AT RIGHT, above: Amber in the theater at Philippi

AT RIGHT, below: Nate in a tower on the acropolis at Philippi

17 Mar
(Day 6)

Pre-breakfast dawn look at ancient Thessalonica among the modern buildings of the city; after breakfast, set out for the Macedonian capital of Pella (home of Alexander the Great) and Aigai/Vergina with its spectacular necropolis, including the tomb of Philip II, father of Alexander; a drive to the south, broken by stops at the Platamon Castle and the Mycenaean remains of Gla, will bring us to Piraeus, the port of Athens, for an overnight ferry to Crete in deluxe private cabins (very much like a cruise ship)
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AT LEFT, above: Bo inspects the Arch of Galerius--one of the last Emperors to persecute Christians--in Thessalonica
AT LEFT, below: at the tomb of Philip II of Macedon, now part of an underground museum

AT RIGHT: Paige, Amber, Lee, and Danielle on the citadel at Gla

18 Mar
(Day 7)

Off the ferry in Crete at 6:00 am, head across the island to the south shore to visit the site of Fair Havens (Acts 27:8); then to the Minoan palace sites of Phaistos (and perhaps Agios Triada), then the classical and early Christian site of Gortys; then visit the major Minoan site of Knossos, the "palace of Minos;" if time and daylight permit, visit smaller but impressive Minoan sites before grabbing dinner (McDonalds?) and returning to the ferry for the overnight trip back to Pireus and the mainland
See the 2009 trip path in Google Maps by clicking here!

AT LEFT, above: Danielle at Fair Havens on the south coast of Crete
AT LEFT, Bo poses for Paige, Amber, and Danielle at Fair Havens

AT RIGHT, above: Nate impresses the girls on the ceremonial steps at Phaistos
AT RIGHT, below: a geocache at a Minoan temple site with evidence for human sacrifice


19 Mar
(Day 8)

Early arrival at Piraeus permits a stop at Cenchrea, eastern port of Corinth, and drive to Epidaurus, site of the best preserved of all pure Greek theaters and important center of Asklepius, by opening time; continue to ascend the mountain overshadowing Nauplion to visit the Palamidi Fortress and its spectacular views, visit Tiryns, a Mycenaean palace center, and  Mycenae, cultural center of Bronze Age Greece and capital of Agamemnon (legendary king of Achaeans in the Trojan War); and finally to Corinth, important classical center and focus of Paul's 2nd missionary journey (Acts 18);  overnight in Isthmia, near Corinth
See the 2009 trip path in Google Maps by clicking here!

AT LEFT, above: Amber and Andrew at Cenchrea

AT LEFT, center: Luke, Josh, and Caldwell take in the scene at the Epidaurus theater

AT LEFT, below: Joah and Charlie overlook Nauplion from the Palamidi Fortress

AT RIGHT, above: at the Lion Gate of Mycenae

AT RIGHT, center:  fleeing some unknown danger at the "Treasury of Atreus," actually a tholos tomb at Mycenae

AT RIGHT, below: Nate and Andrew on Corinth's Lechaion Road, with the Acrocorinth in the background

20 Mar
(Day 9)
AM: climb the Acrocorinth to see the foundations of the Temple of Aphrodite and stunning views of the area of Corinth and the Isthmus; after descent, drive towards Athens via Eleusis, home to the cult of Demeter and the Eleusinian Mysteries; in Athens, check into hotel and set out for the Archaeological Museum and then for views of the Acropolis, the Acropolis Museum, and excellent gyros before bed
See the 2009 trip path in Google Maps by clicking here!:

AT LEFT, above: Paige on the Acrocorinth
AT LEFT, below: trying for that good picture of the Acropolis

AT RIGHT, above: happiness is a good gyro!
AT RIGHT, below: learning to use the Athens Metro system

21 Mar
(Day 10)

Morning visit to the famous Acropolis with the Parthenon and other temples, the Areopagus ("Mars Hill," Acts 17:19, 22), and the Athenian Agora (the "marketplace" of Acts 17:17); lunch and shopping in the Monastriaki and Plaka districts; evening ascent up the Lycabettus hill for vistas (and dinner?); overnight in Athens
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AT LEFT, above: behind the Parthenon
AT LEFT, below: the girls at the Hephaisteon in the Athenian Agora
AT RIGHT, above: the whole group at the Hephaisteon
AT RIGHT, below: nighttime exploration with the Acropolis in the background

22 Mar
(Day 11)

Transfer to airport for return flight to the US
See the 2009 trip path in Google Maps by clicking here!

AT LEFT: saying goodbye to Athens . . .
USA Flag
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