William Carey University: Study Travel and Excavation Program

STEP 2010 Italy

New Testament, Roman, and Renaissance Italy

13-23 March 2010

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What we Did!



Day 1
Sat  13 Mar

We departed Jackson to Washington, D.C., where severe weather on the east coast prevented us from continuing to New York to make our flight to Venice. Stranded, we got hotel rooms and went out on the town in D.C.!

RIGHT: the group at the Washington Monument at night

Day 2
Sun  14 Mar

An early flight to New York led to much waiting in line and a substitute flight to Milan, as the Venice flights were full; overnight was on the plane (one day behind schedule)

AT LEFT: relatively weird things at the Einstein memorial in D.C.

Day 3
Mon  15 Mar

 Arrival in Milan without a couple of bags began the great race: get rental vans and head East to Venice, our intended arrival place; we arrived in time to take a water-taxi to the hotel and enjoy an afternoon-evening tour of a very foggy Venice, led by our own medieval Venice scholar, Dr Mark Nicovich, including the original Ghetto, Piazza San Marco, Rialto Bridge, canals, ambience, and food! Overnight was in an actual bed in Venice!

AT LEFT: Cade and the Rialto Bridge, Venice

AT RIGHT: the group in foggy Piazza San Marco, Venice

Day 4
Tues  16 Mar

A morning look at Venice without fog, followed by departure by van to Padua and the Basilica of San Antonio; a scenic drive brought us to Florence for overnight


AT LEFT: Padua; and a bizarre statue . . .

AT RIGHT: the Duomo in Florence, from the roof of our hotel

Day 5
Wed  17 Mar

Morning in Florence: world famous art at the Uffizi and Accadamia and the Duomo; in the afternoon, we journeyed to Pisa for the famous "leaning tower" and other sights; overnight: Florence

AT LEFT: the top of the leaning tower in Pisa

AT RIGHT: Cade, Nathan, and Lee at Pisa

Day 6
Thurs 18 Mar

Early departure from Florence for the south, taking in the environs of Rome along the way, starting with the bizarre Etruscan cemetery site of Cerveteri, followed by Ostia, a port of Rome with impressive remains; we had time for an afternoon visit to Saint Paul's Outside the Walls, the basilica that marks the apostle's tomb; after dinner, we continued to Pompeii for overnight


AT LEFT; the group at Cerveteri

AT RIGHT; frivolity in the public toilets of ancient Ostia

Day 7
Fri  19 Mar

Full day in the Vesuvius area, with extended visits to Pompeii and Herculaneum and a partial ascent of Mt. Vesuvius, the volcano that destroyed Pompeii and Herculaneum in AD 79; overnight at Pompeii.

AT LEFT: Cade, Nathan, and Berquin in the amphitheater at Pompeii

AT RIGHT: a religious experience at the Eremo Hotel on the slopes of Vesuvius; eerily similar to the Chain Garden on campus in Hattiesburg . . .

Day 8
Sat 20 Mar

Morning drive to Paestum, home of some the best preserved Greek temples in the world; then, after a drive to Rome via the autostrada, we descended into one of the catacombs outside Rome and walked the ancient Appian Way at sunset; evening and overnight in Rome. 

AT LEFT:  overcome with awe, students contemplate the Greek temples at Paestum . . .

AT RIGHT: Nathan stalks unsuspecting sheep on the Appian Way

Day 9
Sun 21 Mar

A full day in Rome: the Colosseum, the Palatine Hill, Roman Forum, The Capitoline, Imperial Fora, St. Peter in Chains, and the Spanish Steps! 

AT LEFT: Berquin projects his aura at the Colosseum

AT RIGHT: Cade with the Arch of Titus in the Roman Forum

Day 10
22 Mar

Visit the Vatican and St. Peter's and the vast Vatican museum with the Cistine Chapel; then, those who did not get lost enjoyed a rare visit to the excavations under St Peter's; after rejoining our lost bretheren, we used the local bus to explore the Campo Fiori, Piazza Navona, and the Pantheon, followed by an evening visit to the Trevi Fountain with dinner nearby and the Spanish Steps for the intrepid ones; overnight in Rome.

AT LEFT; the Vatican has a Death Star!

AT RIGHT; Cade and the Pantheon

Day 11 Tue23 Mar

Transfer to airport for return flight to the USA

AT LEFT: Lee, Cade, Jay, Blake, Jessica, and Nathan at the Spanish Steps

all photos by Daniel C Browning, Jr unless otherwise noted

Updated: 8 Sept 2010