Additional Free Services


Upperclassmen, recommended by faculty and staff for their qualities of leadership, academic achievement, and campus life involvement, are paired with new students during the fall trimester. They serve throughout the students’ first year at Carey as a guide, support, and resource. Mentors make weekly contacts with assigned mentees, and periodic social events scheduled by the academic coordinator bring all mentors and mentees together.


Individual and group sessions can be arranged for a variety of courses. Experienced peer tutors are available in English, literature, mathematics, biology, chemistry, religion, history, music, and business. Arrangements are made through the academic coordinator upon completion of a tutor request form, which is available in Room 135 or the main SSS office in Lawrence Hall. This service is free to the student.

Study Skills Classes

Strategies in Learning (HUM 200) is recommended to some students and available to others. The course is designed to meet needs in reading comprehension, study techniques, vocabulary development, and evaluation of written materials.

Technology Support

The department has a lab equipped with 11 computers to accommodate students needing to write papers and access Internet information for research. In addition, videos addressing reading comprehension, critical thinking skills, the library and research, solving math problems, and English composition are available for viewing in the department. Many of these are used within Strategies in Learning as well as are available for tutors.